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Hand Knotted Rugs

A hand-knotted rug process starts with spinning wool into yarn which is then hand dyed with vegetable dye and sun dried to enhance the colour. The knotting process (see picture) is done by hand knotting thread, one knot at a time using a rug size sheet of graph paper colour with squares each one representing a knot position.

A good quality rug will have 400 knots per square inch and one square meter of rug will take 7 to 8 days during the knotting process. Once a carpet is knotted it is polished with machine/scissors a process which can take two days. There follows a one day washing an scraping process and then sun drying, which enhances the colours.

A large say 10 feet by 12 feet rug will take six months to complete. Such rugs are actually increasing in value and soon will disappear as skills fall away.

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