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Block London

Trend are excited and delighted to announce that Block London are coming soon to our website!

Block London are experts in the design and manufacture of unique foam-coated furniture.

Just as Trend Editions aim to do things differently, Block London's fresh, innovative and impactful designs can be used across a huge variety of sectors - made from robust, recyclable materials - they offer something very different to traditional furniture.

They took a material – foam – that has traditionally been used only beneath the surface... and turned it inside out.

The design team are masters at taking a single block of foam, carving out the desired shape and sculpting them into seamless designs that are sprayed in any chosen colour - transforming them into astonishingly versatile, incredibly durable, and supremely comfortable furniture pieces - all designed to fit whatever space you’re filling.

When Stella McCartney recently fitted out her flagship Old Bond Street store, she chose Block London to provide beautiful, practical and bespoke furniture to transform her retail space and we think she knows a thing or two about style...

More examples of their products, coming soon.



Block London is here to create


We take an innovative approach to the manufacturing of stylish, modern furniture, offering a world of possibilities to anyone looking to furnish any kind of space. 

Office breakout area? Hotel lobby? Corporate reception? Art gallery? Poolside bar? Indoor, outdoor, public, retail, or residential - our range of ready-made products and bespoke customisable services allow our clients to personalise the furnishing of any environment, with an exciting set of robust and sustainable furniture; on brand, on trend, and on budget.

Charles Churchman
Director & chief designer



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