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Massive savings to be had using Trend AR

• Converts browsers into buyers • Major reductions in Returns • Drastically cut or even eliminate website photo sessions and costs

Trend Augmented Reality

• Enables customer try your products “in their own space” • Can release new products BEFORE THEY ARE MADE

Trend Augmented Reality

• Your designers can prototype at no cost • Makes improved website product presentation at less cost

What is Augmented Reality in furniture?

Augmented Reality is software that enables realistic product models to display in 3D, in a real world view. Let’s you place true-to-scale 3D models in your very own space so they can be evaluated in terms of colour, texture and scale - makes furniture shopping more fun and choices more reliable.

Augmented Reality can also be used in website design, in product presentations both in-store and at home. In the commercial world AR can be used to make client presentations more effective at lower cost.

What Trend Editions provides:

Our objective is to work closely with our customers to provide them with a sophisticated Augmented Reality based web image design service, integrating AR with their existing systems, without the development cost price tag such services might otherwise require.

We can already see that companies like IKEA, Macy’s and Ashley in the US and other large furniture companies taking advantage of AR improving their customer service and cutting costs as a result.

Online selling is changing the landscape of the furniture industry and the use of AR will make even bigger changes. It will improve sales volumes, cut return costs and cut the cost of setting up and running a website. AR will enable the end customer, be they commercial businesses or retail consumers, to more readily engage with the projects and products that interest them.


The benefits of AR stem from the accurate and realistic model creation capability that is now possible using modern computer software apps. Scale is accurate and real surfaces can be used with lighting adjustment and other visual effects. This means that one will not, generally, distinguish between what is real and what is not.


Trend Editions is expanding its low cost modelling service so that its customers can be supplied with AR models which we can create, very often, using just the 2-D dimensions with an indication of the material(s) it is made from. (see Products for more details)

Our Trend 3D Apps, are software applications designed to make high quality models of furniture/fabrics etc. available so that they can be displayed by you or your targeted customer, in the real-world view of an iPhone or iPad or equivalent. In the following image, all of the furniture shown is not real, it has been modelled accurately, to scale and surface textures/wood finish etc. has been applied.

The still frame shown in the iPad above is a part of a continuous view of the furniture “placed” in the room which is actually a real room. The net effect is to show what this particular arrangement of furniture looks like in the selected space, without really putting it in place. If you look at our short video of this using this VIDEO LINK, you will see that the modelled items are shown very clearly and can be viewed from any direction.

Our Models are created very accurately using 3 dimensional (3D) CAD software. Models are then processed in a number of ways to add surfacing and colours and textures etc. also lighting, to make the models look very real. Models can be created based on dimensions from normal 2D (3D) design drawings. We have a team of CAD specialists who can take design details from our customers and, very rapidly, create models for us in AR.

Advantages of using Models: Once an accurate model has been created – and this could be even before the actual product has been manufactured, the ability exists to create white background and other images for a related selling website. This can be done instead of using photographs and appropriate items can have a number of colourways or in the case of wood/veneer, a number of different wood types. This means a user can set up a website early on in the process, saving on the cost of photographic sessions. As in the picture above, items can also be “placed” in the context of where you might want to best present them – again, without the need for costly photography, just using an iPad.

Images are computer generated

Augmented Reality:  This is the concept of taking a model (see above) and placing it alongside others as required, or alongside real objects, so that they can be evaluated in the way they would look if actual real objects. Currently this process is handled ideally through an iPad (iPhone) but in due course, “headsets” will become a cost effective means of viewing such items making a life-size viewing environment which compares with real viewing of real objects.

Trend AR App - advantages:  are listed on this website via the following link WHY TREND APPs.