Improve Sell-through using 3D Visualisation and Augmented Reality


The benefits of AR stem from the accurate and realistic model creation capability that is now possible using modern computer software apps. Scale is accurate and real surfaces can be used with lighting adjustment and other visual effects. This means that one will not, generally, distinguish between what is real and what is not.

Unlimited Customization. Show all variations.
4K HD Zoom. High definition one-click zoom.
Lightspeed load time. Images load in milliseconds.
Fast 360 Views. Show the product from all angles.

Low Cost Modelling

Trend Editions is expanding its low cost modelling service so that its customers can be supplied with 3D photo-realistic models often made from just dimensioned sketches or 2D pictures showing the material(s) it is made from. (see Products for more details).

What Powers Trend Editions Platform

Omnichannel experience

Omnichannel experience

Visual assets for product feeds, cart image thumbnails, Augmented Reality and much more.

 Email campaigns

Email campaigns

Tailored visuals and .gifs for email campaigns that convert.

 Social media

Social media

Authentic social media posts to pique prospects curiosity

 Marketing collateral

Marketing collateral

HD product images for bespoke catalogs and flyers


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Offers insight into product interactions made by customers, thereby increasing sell-through. Customers viewing products in their own space will feedback into interest levels data, making it possible to focus selling time more effectively and in the right direction.

What is Augmented Reality in furniture?

Augmented Reality is software that enables realistic product models to display in 3D, in a real world view. Let’s you place true-to-scale 3D models in your very own space so they can be evaluated in terms of colour, texture and scale - makes furniture shopping more fun and choices more reliable.

Augmented Reality can also be used in website design, in product presentations both in-store and at home. In the commercial world AR can be used to make client presentations more effective at lower cost.

What Trend Editions provides

Trend Editions Provides
  1. Our objective is to work closely with our customers to provide them with a sophisticated Augmented Reality based web image design service, integrating AR with their existing systems, without the development cost price tag such services might otherwise require.
  2. We can already see that companies like IKEA, Macy’s and Ashley in the US and other large furniture companies are taking advantage of AR improving their customer service and cutting costs as a result.
  3. Online selling is changing the landscape of the furniture industry and the use of AR will make even bigger changes. It will improve sales volumes, cut return costs and cut the cost of setting up and running a website.

Our Trend 3D Apps

Our Trend 3D Apps, are software applications designed to make high quality models of furniture/fabrics etc. available so that they can be displayed by you or your targeted customer, in the real-world view of an iPhone or iPad or equivalent. In the following image, all of the furniture shown is not real, it has been modelled accurately, to scale and surface textures/wood finish etc. has been applied.

Trend Edition App

Our Models

Our Models are created very accurately using 3 dimensional (3D) CAD software. Models are then processed in a number of ways...

Trend Edition App

Advantages of using Models

Once an accurate model has been created – and this could be even before the actual product has been manufactured, ...

Trend Edition App

Augmented Reality

This is the concept of taking a model (see above) and placing it alongside others as required, or alongside real objects...

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