Why Trend Editions

All this at a net saving to you!

Converts browsers into buyers

What better selling tool than one that makes your customer want to engage with your products. One that helps set you apart from your competitors giving customers a better way to confirm that what you offer, is what they should be buying. Whether you sell commercially on a projects basis or directly to end consumers; having your customers spend more time with more interest, will help you make more sales.

All this at a net saving to you!

Facilitates Major reductions in Retail Returns

There are already statistics coming from the US that show when customers are buying furniture from retail using AR, it almost eliminates returns. The simple reality that comes from Augmented Reality is that if you can see an “exact same item” – in place where you want to locate it and looking like the real thing, before you buy it, then you are less likely to make a mistake. This is almost the opposite situation to most on-line shopping where easy returns have helped online to grow.

All this at a net saving to you!

Drastically cuts or even eliminates website photo sessions and presentation costs

If you are able to have “exact” computer models of your products, which you can view from any which-way, place next to real or other AR objects, make prints and videos, replacing the photographic paraphernalia you might currently spend your money on; all from the comfort of a computer screen - then it will not only save you money, it will give you a competitive edge. Making preparations faster and more effective, with the option of more variety.

Enables customers to try your products “in their own space”

Not just in an online selling environment, where retail customers can download the objects they are interested in – and place them in their own space. (see our video BBC Report ) AR solutions can be used in the fitting out selling process to capture initial interest, showing latest technology, in a way that complements your current capabilities.

Can release new products “prior to manufacture”!

In a commercial fitting out environment it is quite common for conceptual presentations to be made to the client. Initial concept ideas (mini-presentations) often get you on to the shortlist and then even more skill is needed to win the business. Concept presentations have been around for as long as there has been the products and skill sets available to capture the customers’ imagination (and budget), in a way that is better than the competition.

The flexible use of “real” objects be it for initial, quick and easy to prepare “mini-presentations” or for delivering products before they have been made will certainly assist the customer to make the right decision.

Your designers can prototype at virtually no cost

Clearly not all products need a prototype. However, when it is necessary the cost involved of actually making the designer’s concept, is often difficult to carry.

3D CAD design tools where used, have helped and Trend AR extends that process by making low cost 3D CAD designs available but also providing a service that converts these into photo-realistic scale models that can be evaluated on small or large screens, varying the appearance in terms of materials and colours.

Provides improved website product presentation at less cost

Providing product information professionally and affordably on any website, is not a trivial process. Getting the right balance of high quality photographic imagery combined with other more modest representations, can provide an affordable result which will vary from one business to another.

Accurate AR models created at the correct level of detail can and will as the technology develops, provide replacement to much of the higher cost of photography – and all it entails, by enabling a presentation to be made in an augmented reality environment.

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