Skilled Modelling Services at an Affordable Price

Trend is in the process of introducing a range of 3D Augmented Reality apps, all designed specifically for the furniture industry. We do of course recognise there are different areas to the £20bn UK furniture sector and we are gearing up what we have to offer across this space. We also recognise that our activities in furniture while different, are not unique. IKEA amongst others, is creating their own apps using their own interpretations of what the various AR platforms have to offer. Their product “Place” is accessible via their website.

Trend seeks to offer SMEs especially an opportunity to use AR, without the high level of skills and investment needed to follow their larger competitors, like IKEA. Essentially we can provide a service which includes an environment which will support sophisticated furniture models, also we can provide skilled modelling services at an affordable price so that our customers can take advantage of the capabilities AR has to offer. You can see details of these under WHY TREND (link) on this website.

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