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Items can be represented in multiple ways avoiding the need to create axonometric and isometric drawings by hand - these can be as a bi-product of the 3D models.

AR models are similar to VR models that are used by many companies already.

Trend Modelling Services

Our furniture modelling service is low cost and flexible to cater for the needs of a high variety items from soft furnishings to hardwood items.

  1. We can work from hand drawn sketches, 2D hand drawn or CADs. As long as the full information is provided for model the items – including textures and definitive colourway options, then we can normally provide a quality result.
  2. Costs for basic items start at £20 + VAT with the average for most items less than £60 + VAT – in any case we will advise on price before the work is scheduled.
  3. If you already have 3D Cads in an appropriate format, there is the potential for further saving and quick turnaround.
  4. Quite often we can work on a whole range of items for one customer, which will help reduce cost.
  5. Once items are modelled we will not only introduce them to the AR platform, they can also be delivered electronically for customer’s own use.
  6. We always acknowledge copyright as appropriate.

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